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Getting Help at Christmas.  An angel gives a child a teddy bear in this old German postcard illustration.
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Getting Help at Christmas

We know that Christmas isn't easy for everyone. Our family and our friends who volunteer to help with this site have all experienced grief during the Holiday season, as well as emotional, financial, and spiritual hardships.

Such experiences have motivated us to provide many free resources to help you build memories and relationships with your family each holiday season, no matter what your circumstances. Our Christmas sites cost us money to operate, but it's our way of "paying forward." We want to help the next generation, as well as people who are new to Christmas or who never had an emotionally healthy Christmas as children, build Christmas memories and traditions with their families.

However, not everybody on the Internet is so well-intentioned. For example, we have become aware of scam web sites that promise to help needy families but publish our contact information instead of their own. As a result of this scam, every holiday season we get overwhelmed with e-mail pleas from other scammers, including career criminals with multiple e-mail accounts, fake names, and sad stories.

Worse yet, the scam "help" sites encourage families that need help to send the names and ages of their children to random strangers. I can't emphasize enough how dangerous this is.

I hope you understand why, for everybody's protection, we automatically delete every request for money, no matter how believable or desperate it seems to be. I do try to momentarily pray for each believable request that hits my in-box (a very small fraction), but that is all we can do.

If a scam web site gave you our contact information, we are sorry for your disappointment, but we can't control liars and scoundrels on the Internet any better than we can control them in government.

We are not a charity or trust fund or corporation, and even if we had lots of extra money (we don't), we wouldn't have time to sort through thousands of scams every year trying to find the very few that are actually from real people with real needs. We are working families with just enough time and room in our budget to help a few people we know locally who need our help.

To help people beyond our immediate reach, we also support and volunteer for trustworthy national organizations that have "feet on the ground" in your community. The Salvation Army has workers in many cities and towns. Click here to go to their web page.

The same organizations are a good place to start looking for Christmas assistance of any kind, including:

In addition, if you contact your local church, synagogue, mosque, social services office, etc., they might be able to put you in touch with local or regional resources that we have no visibility into.

Click to visit our Christmas Charity Scam Alert page.For the safety of your own family, please be very cautious about giving strangers information like the ages and names of your children. If you want to know more about the Internet Christmas scammers who contact us or tell innocent victims to contact us, please click here.

Make Your Giving Count.Also, if you keep getting hit up by Christmas "charities" you never heard of and want to do something for folks who really need it, check out our article Make Your Giving Count. In addition, the organizations I listed above can all use volunteers this time of year, if that's the best way for you to give back.

Again, if someone told you that we would "save Christmas" for your family or some such, I am deeply sorry, but we have no control over people who play such cruel tricks on people in hardship.

If you have questions about Christmas traditions, decorations, or music, or anything like that, we will try to help. We certainly do wish you a season of encouragement and grace, and a better year to come.

Paul &co

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