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2021 Announcement - Shutting Down This Page for Now

As you may know, we've recommended a wide range of Christmas products on these pages, starting about 2006. Most were from Hawthorne Village, which was then part of the Collectibles Today organization.

Unfortunately, many vendors, including the current owners of Hawthorne Village, Bradford Exchange, have been forced to restructure in ways that makes it harder for them to work with small "mom-and-pop" web pages like this one.

As far as I know, the vast majority of Hawthorne Village's products are the same quality they always were. So I'm not saying not to buy something you see and like. But I'm no longer comfortable pretending I can give our readers personal support for Hawthorne Village products.

In the meantime, I keep getting "caught in the middle" by readers who have questions that Bradford Exchange's customer service people can't answer.

So, we are involved in a massive effort to remove all of the remaining links to Hawthorne Village products. Turns out I had hundreds of links all over my web pages, so it's not going to be a quick process. In the meantime, Bradford Exchange has even changed some of those links from products I like (like tabletop trees) to links for things I have no interest in (like expensive baby dolls). If you see a link to any Hawthorne Village product, that doesn't mean we've sorted everything out - only that I haven't got to it yet.

Since we have not found a good source to replace Hawthorne Village's wonderful array of quality products, we are essentially shutting down this page for now.

If you've been reading our pages, you know that we have a lot on our plate, so keep checking back. And contact us with any questions or suggestions you have in the meantime.

Paul and Shelia Race


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