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Family Christmas Online™ Forum Signup Page

The™ Forums are a place for Christmas-lovers to discuss topics related to Christmas, including Christmas traditions, decorations, crafts, stories, and more. This page gives you instructions on how to apply for membership in the discussion forums.

That said, if you don't actually wish to participate in the forum and you just want to say "Hi," sign up for our newsletter, or ask a question about Christmas traditions, please use our Contact page.

"Under Construction" Note: I don't usually post pages that are "under construction," but we are trying something new here. We were receiving so many signup attempts from scammers that two years ago, we shut down the automatic registration feature and tried to keep up with vetting and registering new members manually. But after two years of time-consuming site maintenance issues, we have gotten quite far behind. And, sadly, most people whom we went to the trouble of signing up manually never actually bothered to participate anyway. So we have changed our process again, from having a simple "registration" to an actual application process, which includes:

  • Re-enabling the automated registration page so applicants can enter their own information instead of waiting until I have a chance to do it for them.

  • Requesting information that scammers and other people with bad intentions usually can not or will not supply,

  • Adding steps that scammers will never bother with, such as requiring at least one relevant post.

In the meantime, we are testing this page, so what we're saying here isn't, technically working yet. We will remove this notice when it is. We apologize for any inconvenience, but if you want to be notified when the new features are activated, please use our Contact page, and we'll let you know.

If You are Writing to Ask for Money, please don't. This web site is run entirely by volunteers and costs us money to run. We do it gladly, without asking for any donations besides memories, poems, articles, songs, pictures, recipies, and stories, because we want to keep our favorite Christmas traditions alive and help other families establish their own traditions.

We have never made a practice of sending out money to strangers who ask for it (even if we could afford it, we are aware of too many unmet real needs in our own community). But every holiday season, we are flooded by so many e-mails from scammers pretending to be in financial distress that it's all we can do to find and respond to the questions and comments from real people who deserve our attention. For that reason, we automatically delete any e-mail requests for money that we receive. Please don't call us on the phone either (Yes, scammers have tried that, too.)

If you think this is a "harsh" response to a growing problem, please check out our article, If You Are Writing to Ask for Money. for more information.

Do good and avoid scams.  Click here for more information.In addition, our article Make Your Giving Count has more information about organizations we support because they are "there for" people who really need help, as well as hints to avoid being cheated by scam "charities" this holiday season.

If You Want to Join Our Discussion Forum, there are now four steps, plus we insist on knowing who you really are. No one but the site administrators will ever see that information, of course. 

Here are the four steps you must follow.  If you need help with any of them, please use our Contact pageto let us know what you need help with. 

  1. Go to the Forum page, click on the word "Register" in the top left hand corner of that page, and fill out every required field on the application form with real information.
  2. Once you have submitted the form, return to this page and enter the following information in the form below, then hit the "submit" button: 
    1. Your real first and last name
    2. Your e-mail address
    3. The Nickname/User Name you plan to use on the forum (the one you specified on the application page).  We need this to separate your application out from the dozens of fake application we get every day.
    4. Your zip code

  3. Once you have received your password, please log in to the system and change it to something you will remember by using the User Control Panel/Profile/Edit Account Settings menu (User Control Panel is in the upper right corner of the page).  If you don’t receive your password within 8 hours of submitting your registration, please contact us using this page.
  4. While you are logged in, go to the "Who Am I" page and introduce yourself, telling the other members something about your interest in the hobby.  Your message will not appear until your membership is approved, but it is a necessary part of the process.  If you received your password and can’t log in, please contact us using this page as soon as possible.  

You must finish all four steps within 24 hours of submitting your initial application or your application will go into our spam file for deletion with the dozens of other incomplete or fake applications we received every day.

Finally, if you fail to provide required information or if we determine that you have provided false information, we will delete your application and/or revoke your membership without notice.  This may sound harsh, but with thousands of fake signups a year, we don't have time for people who are more interested in beating the system than in becoming a true part of the team.

If you have made an honest attempt to sign up and you never received your welcome email and password, first check your spam filter.  Then, if your welcome e-mail and password is not there, please let me know that in the comments section below.

Thanks for getting in touch!

Paul Race and the other contributors of Family Christmas Online.

For more information, contact us through our Contact Page, or

    Breakthrough Communications
    2991 Fowler Rd.
    Springfield OH 45502

Thanks, and have a blessed Christmas season this year,

Paul Race

Paul Race
Family Christmas Online™
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Please contact us using this form. If you ask any questions, we'll try get back to you within 48 hours.

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