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Christmas Puffballs, a Simple Paper Craft, from Family Christmas OnlineTM

This page contains directions for making small, round paper "balloon" that you fill with air to inflate. The final result is a hollow paper ball that you can easily hang on your Christmas tree as a decoration. For a traditional look, try this with printouts from our Christmas Craft Wrapping Paper page.

About Permissions - These instructions are for your personal use. You can also print multiple copies for a children's or seniors project, say at home, school, Sunday school, or the Senior Citizens center. You may also link to any page on our site (as long as it isn't "framed" with your page. ) On the other hand, you may not sell these sheets or publish these patterns in any form, on paper, or on the web. Please contact me if you have any questions about permissions or usage.

Christmas Puffball Instructions

Once you've selected the paper you want to use:
1.Make a diagonal fold in the paper. Keep the pattern on the outside.Click for bigger photo.
2.If the paper isn't square, part of it will stick out. Cut that out so that the paper is square. Click for bigger photo.
3.Fold the paper diagonally the other way (bring the two tips together that were not touching before.) Keep the pattern on the outside.Click for bigger photo.
4.Open the paper up again and bring two of the opposite edges together.Click for bigger photo.
5.Bring the edges in until they meet in the middle and begin folding the long sides down.Click for bigger photo.
6.Crease the paper so that it lies flat. Click for bigger photo.
7.Fold one of the sharp corners down until it meets the 90degree corner. Click for bigger photo.
8.Fold down the other corner that is facing you.Click for bigger photo.
9.Turn the paper over and fold down the third sharp corner.Click for bigger photo.
10.Fold the last sharp corner down. Click for bigger photo.
11.The paper now has a dividing line up the middle on both sides. Begin folding corners toward the dividing line. Click for bigger photo.
12.Fold the next corner over. Each corner makes a sort of little "flap" when it is folded in.Click for bigger photo.
13.Turn the paper over and fold the other two corners in.Click for bigger photo.
14.One of the pointed ends has four small, sharp corners folded together around a larger piece. You'll notice that each of the small flaps you just made has a sort of pocket facing that end of your project. Click for bigger photo.
15.Fold one of the little sharp corners down into the pocket in the closest flap.Click for bigger photo.
16.When it is inserted as far as it can go without forcing, it will still stick out a little. That's the way it is supposed to be.Click for bigger photo.
17.Fold down the other three sharp corners and insert them into the pockets the same way.Click for bigger photo.
18.When all of the sharp corners have been tucked into the little pockets, find the end of the project that has a hole in it.Click for bigger photo.
19.Blow gently but firmly into the hole. If you've done it right, your project will puff up like a little ball.Click for bigger photo.

Now get a needle and some brightly colored thread, poke a hole in the puffball, pull the thread through, then tie the thread into a big loop you can use to hang the puffball from a Christmas tree.

We Need Your Feedback

If you have used this craft in the classroom or a senior organization, or anything like that, we'd love to have a digital photo or three of our work being put to good purpose. Also, the more positive feedback we get for these pages, the more time we can spend adding new patterns and colors next year. In addition, if you need a specific craft page or color combination, please contact us - we may have it in the works already and be able to move it up in the queue.

Click to see collectible table top Christmas trees.We hope to have a few more simple paper craft patterns soon. So keep checking back. And contact us with any questions or suggestions you have in the meantime. Especially contact us if you have any craft ideas you'd like to share with our readers.

Paul and Shelia Race


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